5 Signs Your Website Needs Revisions

By Eifa Navaid June 5, 2017 0 comment technology

The need for change in a website comes naturally. There would occur a number of signs — depending on the nature of your business — to convince you to look forward either for a website revamp or a refresh.

Here are 5 of the most important signs that tell you to consider a website revision immediately:

Your Content is Outdated

The heart of any website is its content. Clients land onto a website for two reasons, either they are interested in a service or product you offer, or they like to see your content. You can leverage on the second reason and convert visitors into buyers with high-quality content that draws an effective call-for-action.

If you have not updated your content in 3-7 months, it is time, you must scratch your old content and formatting style for another style that is new on trends.

Your Traffic is Bouncing Back

Bringing traffic to a website takes a lot. A good deal of dollars is invested in doing the SEO. What when the traffic that you gained bounces back without actually knowing your word? How is the thought of your invested dollars draining? Dreadful.

This happens when visitors see an unattractive or outdated website design. Sometimes, it is also about the problem and delays navigating through pages.

If you discover, 50% of the traffic bouncing back within 4 seconds, it means your website needs an immediate revision.

Your Website isn’t Responsive

8 of every 10 internet users today, visit and view websites from their smartphones and tablets. This graph is increasing and predictors forecast the figure 8 on 10 would even in the near future.

This change calls out for every website to be developed as a responsive website, enabling a seamless and engaging user-experience.

If you don’t have one now, regardless of any other sign, you need to build a responsive website that meets challenges of the new century.

A Change in Product or Marketing Strategy

Where there is a change, there is a prospect. It is good to bring something new to the market but you should first make your home ground adaptable to the change.

If you are introducing a new product in your business, and the outlook of the website doesn’t resonate with it, you need to revise your website’s feel.

Similarly, if there is a change in your marketing strategy — whether you have decided to pitch on a new market or focus on a different class or group of consumers — you need to make a website that goes true with your marketing word.

Your Competitors Are Getting Ahead of You

Business is about competition as much as it is about profit and goodwill. Remember, you are not alone in doing what you do. Your competitors would try to outperform you and so is what you got to do.

Since the digital storefront is the face of your business, you need to get the best makeover for it.

If you are lagging behind on your website from your competitors in any aspect, fix it immediately.

Summing Up!

Besides all these signs, a desire for change may also come from your instincts. Listen to them. They can make you prepare for what we can not procrastinate.

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