High-Time To Get Your Hands Dirty With Kotlin — Here Are the 5 Great Features

By Eifa Navaid May 19, 2017 0 comment technology

Back this week, Google in I/O keynote announced to make Kotlin the primary language for android development at home which previously was Java. It’s a big change coming to all android developers in the market.

Are you ready to say bye bye to your first love Java? Well, it’s not really necessary, I’ll tell you why in Reason #1.

But let me first give you a brief to Kotlin:

Kotlin is a coding language for android development. It was introduced by Jetbrains (the developers of the Intellij Java IDE, which is the base for Google’s Android Studio).

Originally, Jetbrains built Kotlin for internal operations, but in 2012, Kotlin was open-sourced for developers worldwide.

And now post I/O keynote, Google is doing all it can to expand, support, and promote Kotlin for which it also announced to establish a Kotlin Foundation together with Jetbrains. Wow, it’s getting too big too soon.

So, are you ready to brace the change?

To give you some motivation, I have assembled 5 great features of Kotlin. Let’s get started:

100% Interoperable With Java

Everyone is touting about interoperability because people don’t easily accept the change. And besides, Java has a legacy which Kotlin won’t eat.

Kotlin is 100% interoperable with Java which means you can convert your existing java files into Kotlin and continue working. You can also use the same Java libraries you have always used.

So don’t hesitate, the change is gradual and would come more naturally than you think.

Better Runtime Environment

Kotlin gives a better run-time experience. It doesn’t pop many runtime exceptions like there happens in Java and other frameworks.

Cleaner and Shorter Codes

Kotlin builds easily readable and comprehensible syntax with no code verbosity. There are neat and concise codes which make the coding process a cinch.

Smart Auto-Casts

Kotlin is smart. It detects logic during the course of action and provides auto-casts where possible.

So, no more repetitions and typing of redundant casts. What a time and effort saving!

Rich in Features

Kotlin though originally is based on Java, but it supports numerous advanced features which Java doesn’t yet support. So, Kotlin comes with more options and possibilities to explore.

End Note

But, let me also tell you; the keynote from Google at the end reiterated that Kotlin is just an addition and not the replacement of Java at all; Java and C++ would continue to be used and improved. So, when they say, there is no going back, they can never be sure.

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