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By Eifa Navaid August 30, 2016 8 comments welcome

Why would you need someone like us?

What business these days is all about? Online presence — a very loud one. In the older times —  in contrast— people started their businesses from a shop and continued with it as long as they lived. Sales happened, business expanded, people convinced and made loyal too. But all this had a tangible cause and effect, it all was real.

Today, in the times which are not moving, but piercing the equilibrium as a rocket, business means a powerful virtual brand building. This is the time when not the profit margins but the number of people succumbing to a brand is considered as its triumph, and this can be achieved only by honing brand’s online appearance.

Online presence is not single but an all-encompassing term. It is a cluster of so many elements which play integrated. If we dissect ‘ONLINE’, we get hefty websites, user-friendly mobile applications, genius social media portals, etc.

To run these online deities, we need designs, animations, logos, icons, infographics and dozens of more such elements, which are critical to develop a potent say in the market.

To make it easy for you, let’s head on with an example.

A ‘X-Y’ Story — Making it Interesting!

Suppose, X has to start a business. Alongside investment, he will need the genius. And in this supposition genius is X’s thought; that is,  “Let me save time and brain by not getting into what’s not meant for me”.

Giving a thumbs up to the witty thought, he consults a company ‘Y’, which is a software company. The two players in this case, enters into an agreement. Having explained the idea X went back home to rest in peace.

The company Y is a maestro. It knows all the ropes of erecting a business and giving it the momentum. Y after comprehending all the needs of X’s business idea formulates a strategy.

This strategy will include the unique idea for X’s business, the correct manifestation of that very idea in the website, mobile app, social media pages, etc., the theme including logo, colors, icons, that represent the brand, and the post designs on regular basis that will keep alive X’s business presence and leave an influential impact on the minds of the recipients.

All of this relieved X of a lot of stress which could have had him give up on his idea in the first place. Y saved X’s business plan and made it a working reality. A better line would be, “And so X’s business is saved! Thanks to the powerpuff Y”. (Nostalgia)

AppBakerZ as Y!

AppBakerZ is one such company that bakes alluring online solutions. At AppBakerZ, you get your business idea translated into a reality quickly, efficiently, and painlessly. You do not have to worry about development, or the designs, or the colors, not even about the activation. We do all of it under one and only roof.

App bakers develops softwares using fullstack platforms; we construct websites, we bake mobile applications with leading technologies, we manage content using top of the line content management systems, we fashion designs based on latest trends and demands, we design logos and icons and a lot more. We are the masters and jack of all trades at the same time.

Call for Action

It is playtime guys. Trust on our word and get started. Fly to us with your business idea and witness how we make a mountain out of a molehill. Oops. Wrong choice of phrase. May be. But let’s be optimistic.


Reply August 31, 2016

Excellent Work Guys 🙂

Reply September 1, 2016

Nice and explanatory article about AppBakerZ Pvt. Ltd.

Reply September 1, 2016

Although Muhammad Furqan CEO AppBakerZ Pvt. Ltd. is a good friend, but besides friendship I found the environment very friendly, helping to grow the co workers and encouraging.
They are very good in MEAN applications but open to other frameworks also.

September 29, 2016

Thank you sir 🙂

Reply September 1, 2016

Interesting perspective in one-stop-shop for branding; “To run these online deities, we need designs, animations, logos, icons, infographics and dozens of more such elements, which are critical to develop a potent say in the market.”

Since picture is worth a thousand words, may be an infographic would suffice. Also what is AppBakerz key differentiator, the characteristic specialization which distinguishes it from masses?

Reply September 1, 2016

AppBakerZ provides impeccable designs that give your business a meaningful representation in this competitive world.

Reply September 2, 2016

Great effort for keeping people up on what’s happening in the world of technology. Much appreciated! 🙂

Reply September 10, 2016

I had an excellent working experience with AppBakerz and found them resilient, cooperative, dedicated and sincere when it comes to work. I will strongly recommend them.

Reply September 29, 2016

Thank you sir 🙂