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5 Signs Your Website Needs Revisions

The need for change in a website comes naturally. There would occur a number of signs — depending on the nature of your business — to convince you to look forward either for a website revamp or a refresh.

Here are 5 of the most important signs that tell you to consider a website revision immediately:

High-Time To Get Your Hands Dirty With Kotlin — Here Are the 5 Great Features

Back this week, Google in I/O keynote announced to make Kotlin the primary language for android development at home which previously was Java. It’s a big change coming to all android developers in the market.

Are you ready to say bye bye to your first love Java? Well, it's not really necessary, I’ll tell you why in Reason #1.

Welcome to AppBakerZ Pvt. Ltd.

Baking the Intro..

AppBakerZ — tempting as the name sounds, is nothing short of a software nucleus — where you find high-powered solutions to your idea, no matter how trivial it is. AppBakerZ is an all-rounder. It constructs, supports, markets, and runs your idea as if it is its own.