We also have got some amazing branding packages to serve you valuable, while you save a lot of cost.


We provide complete branding services to the brand. We give stationary designs, brochure, portfolio, clothing, and merchandise etc. You just name the service you want to get done, we will render it on time.

Steps of Development

Branding is the face of your brand. It should always appear classical. At AppBakerZ, we knock ourselves out to produce what you and your audience would love.


We research. We study your brand and the competitor brands. We reach all the possible distances to learn what plan will work out the best in the market scenario your brand has to appear.


We work on a workable plan. We prepare drafts, sketches, and a ‘things to do’ spreadsheet where we list all that is to be done and in what manner.

Design Identity

We imprint brand identity in all the stuff to be released. In letterheads, brochures, flyers, billboards, shirts, and other things, depending on the type of business.

Manage Brand

We do not release stuff and rest in peace. We rather take complete ,management responsibility. We stay in contact with our clients, make revisions as per requirements, and assist them throughout the process till the end.

Development Tools

Below are the common tools we use to prepare designs for branding.


Indesigned is used to design for print as well as digital media. It provides complete tools for stationary designs, brochure, posters, and magazines. The best part is that it integrates mobile apps working with desktop with simple steps. This allows for seamless designing experience.


Illustrator is a powerful designing tool. It is dynamic and allows exploration. There is a lot of room for ultra professional work.


Photoshop is also helpful to design stationery and other designs related to branding. It helps to produce smart smart logos, nervy favicons, and slick branding base designs.


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