Logo Design

We mould logos and icons into reality that was once a fancy in your head. This is what we enjoy doing, putting fancy into reality. Keeping in view varying business needs of the clients, we devise spectacular designs to which everyone will stop by.  

Logo Design

At AppBakerZ, we mould logos and icons into a reality, that was once a fancy in your head. We design meticulous and tasteful logos which speak volumes about what they are meant for. This is what we enjoy doing, putting fancy into reality.

Steps of Development

Logo designing is easier said than done. It involves a lot of research, brainstorming, and aplenty efforts.

Research & Discovery

After the client delivers us the idea, it is the time we clear the decks to discover. Surfing and research helps us pick a deviation and think of the possible structure of the logo.

Brainstorming & Sketches

We brainstorm and sketch, again and again, until we get a kick. This takes scads of caffeine besides plentiful time.

High-Fidelity Mock-Ups

Step 3 calls for taking the weapons. With the sketches on paper, we give the idea a push to the designing softwares.

Iteration & Finalization

We do, undo, redo, re-undo the iterations before we reach the final product. The final product gets final when there is no  single doubt about its impeccability.

Development Tools

Development tools are just the grounds. The player is always the most important factor to win the game.


Photoshop is the elementary designing tool. It is quick, simple, but at the same time professional too. A vast array of basic design activities are carried out at this time saving platform. We use photoshop depending on the expectations from the result to be produced.


Illustrator is a vector based drawing platform. It enables all the ideas be translated into a virtual reality with very little effort. It allows scalability in vector graphics without compromising on the quality. Like photoshop, it is user-friendly. AppBakerZ design icons and vector images using this smart tool.


Coreldraw is another vector based tools which allows for drawing and designing. It has a number of shapes and effects to enhance the idea you put in. Corel draw is quick and smart and is regularly upgraded with new features and visage. If the idea demands implementation on coreldraw, AppBakerZ use it for harmonious results.


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